The Gallery at The Brooks

The Gallery at The Brooks
Oceanside Theatre Company

Thursday, November 13, 2014

In the Gallery November 2014

Currently on exhibit in The Gallery at The Brooks are works by Ellen Dieter, Julia C R Gray, Diana Carey and Lisa Bebi. A special mask exhibit features artists, Donna Butnik, Mary Fleener and Diana Carey. For more information on the artists and the works, to view or to purchase paintings or sculptures,  please contact the gallery for an appointment.
 Ellen Dieter
Life Playing Into Existence, 45x45", mixed media
S.C. Baja Norte exhibit 2014

 Ellen Dieter
Will and Ziggy, 36x48", soft pastel and graphite

Lisa Bebi
Fly Away, Stay, 6x4', mixed media 2014

Julia C R Gray
Body Memories,ceramic sculpture, 3.5' x 24", 4 piece, painting on interior
Diana Carey
doors triptych, 8x4.5', thrown paint on wood doors, 2008
Mary Fleener
Mask exhibit, comedy and tragedy,

November Art Walk

The November  First Friday Art Walk featured painter, Ellen Dieter and sculptor, Julia C R Gray. Other works were exhibited by Lisa Bebi and Diana Carey. A mask exhibit is currently on display featuring the works of Mary Fleener, Donna Butnik and Diana Carey.
The art walk was held in conjunction with the performance of, The Island, by The Cesar Chavez Middle school performers.
On the walls are works by Ellen Dieter. The compilation sculpture is by artists from the Casa de Amparo Shelter, expressive arts group.

On exhibit are works by Ellen Dieter and Diana Carey

Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Friday Art Walk Nov 7 6-9pm

Join us for Oceanside's First Friday Art Walk
November 7,  6-9pm

The Gallery at The Brooks will be featuring artist Ellen Dieter and sculptor Julia C R Gray, other artists include, Diana Carey, Lisa Bebi and masks by Donna Butnik, Mary Fleener and Diana Carey
please join us.

September's artists, Julia San Roman-Naughton and Chuck McPherson and this month's featured sculptor, Julia C R Gray
click here for more information on Oceanside's First Friday Art Walk:


November Art Walk

Lisa Bebi

Lisa Bebi is a contemporary visual fine artist who works predominantly with paint, papers and mixed media, with a strong inclination toward creating personal works and color. Her award winning artwork has been featured widely in magazines, galleries and is held in private collections all over the globe. Her work has been shown in solo and group shows nationally. Lisa Bebi received her B.A. in fine art from San Diego State University in 1977. Later studied art at the College of Art in London.

November Art Walk - Featured Artist Ellen Dieter

Featured artist
  Ellen Dieter

Ellen Dieter has cultivated a lifelong synthesis of aesthetic vision, innate talent, and technical expertise that has helped her become a prolific and admired artist here and abroad. Dieter discovered a thirst for creative exploration early in life. As a natural master of texture and color, Dieter has nurtured her gift for artistic expression that has earned her international recognition and taken her around the globe. 

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dieter began her studies at the Cooper School of Art. Her work there earned her a place at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Upon completing that phase of her education, her artistic passion carried her across the Atlantic to Paris, where she studied at L’Ecole des Arts Appliques. During the next ten years, Dieter’s work was successfully represented at several solo exhibitions throughout France and established for her a reputation for elegant forms, economy of line, and remarkable control of the brush. 

In 1989 Dieter moved to San Diego. The change of environment revitalized her unending quest for artistic expression and communication. She immediately began creating provocative and innovative pieces for both her own solo shows and for multiple-group exhibits. She also began to immerse herself in the local creative and performing arts communities such as City Moves and The Old Globe Theatre. 

Dieter’s style has continually evolved. The richness of her contemporary palette has developed over years of artistic inquiry, and she counts O’Keefe, Modigliani, Kandinsky, and others as equally powerful influences. Her work glows with rich and vibrant color and evokes timeless themes juxtaposed with reflections of memory—memories from her extensive travels throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Africa as well as her interpersonal journeys closer to home. Dieter’s paintings are a rare and extraordinary fusion of technical skill and artistic abandon. Her organic compositions capture the ephemeral vitality of modern life.

Dieter relates; experience upon experience, color on color, line over line, creating a metaphor for life. Without the experience of the past, today wouldn’t be today. Without the continued painting over days, weeks, months and years, her painting wouldn’t be where it is now.

“This work comes from a place within yet is very much about the world as she sees it, past, present and future. Color is the experience as shapes form through application of color and line. Mark making, adding on, taking away, nestling in, finding balance.

November Art Walk Featured Sculptor Julia C R Gray

Featured Sculptor
 Julia C R Gray

Julia C R Gray has shown her work publicly in galleries, group and solo shows across the U.S. since 1996. Gray's artwork has been exhibited at the American Museum of Ceramics, Pomona, the Women's Museum of California, San Diego, at CSU Dominguez Hills, Los Angeles, California and San Francisco Art Institute. Gray's paintings and sculptures are collected by private and corporate collectors.  Gray received a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art from San Francisco Art Institute in 2014.

Artist Statement

My art praxis, which includes 2-D media, sculptures and installations, conveys an inquiry into identity and memory. Body Memory, an oversize ceramic torso, explores the concept of memory held in the body. Body Memory is based on the experience of identity, of being a particular "self," that is found in the structures accrued in bodily memory. We carry memory in our body. It appears in different forms: situational, inter-corporeal, and traumatic memories are comprised of more than just explicit recollections of the past. They are also embedded in the habitual structure of the body, evidence of one's lived experience. Sometimes the evidence is conveyed through the physical scars, muscle and sinew formation, while other times it is invisible to the viewer.  2-D images are hidden in the interior surfaces of Body Memory, challenging the viewer to consider what is hidden. Fragile/Strength also explores identity and memory through the body and multiple masks of self