The Gallery at The Brooks

The Gallery at The Brooks
Oceanside Theatre Company

Monday, September 19, 2016

Artist Ellen Dieter

In October, The Gallery at The Brooks is excited to exhibit a retrospective of works by artist extraordinaire, Ellen Dieter. Dieter's work has festooned the walls of the gallery previously, most notably with her painting of Ziggy, which drew numerous admirers, for more than a year, before being carried away by a devoted client.
                                           Ziggy        36x48"     Mixed media 
Dieter will be our featured solo artist. An artist reception will be held, Friday, October 7 from 5-8pm during Oceanside's First Friday Art Walk. Come help join us in the revelry of art!
Ellen Dieter
Ellen Dieter has cultivated a lifelong synthesis of aesthetic vision, innate talent, and technical expertise that has helped her become a prolific and admired artist here and abroad. Dieter discovered a thirst for creative exploration early in life. As a natural master of texture and color, Dieter has nurtured her gift for artistic expression that has earned her international recognition and taken her around the globe. 

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Dieter began her studies at the Cooper School of Art. Her work there earned her a place at the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Upon completing that phase of her education, her artistic passion carried her across the Atlantic to Paris, where she studied at L’Ecole des Arts Appliques. During the next ten years, Dieter’s work was successfully represented at several solo exhibitions throughout France and established for her a reputation for elegant forms, economy of line, and remarkable control of the brush. 

In 1989 Dieter moved to San Diego. The change of environment revitalized her unending quest for artistic expression and communication. She immediately began creating provocative and innovative pieces for both her own solo shows and for multiple-group exhibits. She also began to immerse herself in the local creative and performing arts communities such as City Moves and The Old Globe Theatre. 

Dieter’s style has continually evolved. The richness of her contemporary palette has developed over years of artistic inquiry, and she counts O’Keefe, Modigliani, Kandinsky, and others as equally powerful influences. Her work glows with rich and vibrant color and evokes timeless themes juxtaposed with reflections of memory—memories from her extensive travels throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Africa as well as her interpersonal journeys closer to home. Dieter’s paintings are a rare and extraordinary fusion of technical skill and artistic abandon. Her organic compositions capture the ephemeral vitality of modern life.

Dieter relates; experience upon experience, color on color, line over line, creating a metaphor for life. Without the experience of the past, today wouldn’t be today. Without the continued painting over days, weeks, months and years, her painting wouldn’t be where it is now.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Tom O Scott photographic Artist

The Gallery at The Brooks is very excited to be exhibiting the works of local photographic artist, Tom O Scott. Mr. Scott's micro visionary works leads us into a realm of intermingled and tangled realism and fantasy. Where the very real beauty of oxidized and rusted paint may be interpreted as a hot day on the lake shore or the shadow of a sea monster on her way through her aquatic garden. Only your own imagination limits the viewing and understanding of these exceptional art works. Diana Carey curator

Please join us for a reception for the artist on Friday, August 5, 5-8pm, during the Oceanside First Friday Art Walk. The Gallery at The Brooks is located at 217 n. Coast Hwy 101 in Oceanside.


 Winter Ice    24x32"

 Sea Monster Tending Her Garden  24x32"

 Deep Sea Diver  24x32"

 At The Beach  24x32"

 Fire Works Display  24x32"

Thursday, June 23, 2016

June exhibition, Gretchen Koch

The Gallery at The Brooks is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibit of artist...

Gretchen Koch

Koch’s oil paintings frequently inflect her photographic images with texture, color and brush strokes she could not realize in one medium alone.  They are a way of processing her emotions; capturing a color and ferocity felt in her soul and realized on her canvas. Koch’s use of paint to manipulate, personalize, minimize and exaggerate her subject matter, leaves the viewer enveloped in a secondary experience, that of the image and that of Koch’s interpretation.(Diana Carey curator)

BFA Cleveland Institute of Art. Major in Photography.
Awards and exhibition history Ohio and California.

"I paint to process and release the emotions I feel. To manifest in color and texture my personal interpretations of life". Gretchen Koch

 Birds of a Feather  oil   26x30"
 Coliseum   oil

 Studio   oil
 Studio Tree   oil   36x24"
 Sunset Sunrise   oil
Your Wave   oil     20x24"

Artist Reception
Friday, July 8, 6-9pm
The Gallery at The Brooks
217 N. Coast Hwy 101
Oceanside, CA

Monday, May 2, 2016

May Retrospective of Artist

This May, The Gallery at the Brooks will be hosting an artist retrospective of works. Eleven of our former San Diego county artists will be on exhibit with works ranging from watercolor to stone, realism to abstraction. 
Our esteemed artists include; Jason Adkins, Nadine Baurin, Lisa Bebi, Diana Carey, Ellen Dieter, Mary Fleener, Julia C R Gray, Scott Gressitt, Paul Kauffman, Jesse Kerr and Chuck McPherson
There will be an artist's reception during Oceanside's First Friday Art Walk on Friday, June 3 from 5-8pm.  During the reception you can meet our very talented, established artists and view their wonderful works in person. 
Art works will be on exhibit throughout the month of May and can be viewed during theatre performances and by appointment.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen....

In April, The Oceanside Theatre Company is proud to present the production of Elephant Man. In conjunction with this production will be the featured art work of Lisa Bebi.  Bebi has been our go to artist during productions. She has previously been able to take our stage performances and invest in them 2 dimensional qualities of character and imagination that have enhanced and imbued even greater development and interpretation. She certainly did not fail us with Elephant Man.

Once again, Bebi has taken a story idea and intertwined it with her own whimsical, mischievous and dare I say psychological twists. She has humanized and interpreted Elephant Man as only Lisa Bebi can, and we are thrilled with the results.

Bebi's opening reception will be held during Oceanside's First Friday Art Walk on Friday April 1, from 5-8pm. Come meet and discuss the work with the artist herself. Her work will be on view during all Elephant Man performances, April 8-24, for schedules and ticketing please go to:

About the Artist
My painting is like Jazz fusion. Not so much for my brushstroke work but because of the complex layers of seemingly unrelated , seemingly incidentals,  that somehow come together to bring cohesion to my work. My brushstrokes are speedy looking but I think my detail is described more in the subject matter rather than by way of tight brushstrokes, sort of reflecting the fast pace of jazz and its many layers.
I draw most of my inspiration from early American contemporary artists. I like the novelty of the pop culture and the way artists of their time expanded their basic ideas, one on top of the other…expanding what-ifs into art. I also like the complex, colorful and wonderfully lyrical abstracts of Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky set out and perfected painting musically so that the viewer could actually hear his paintings.
The hardest part of being an artist is trying to relate to the real world. I know my passion makes me a different person; sometimes I would just like to blend in. Mots of the time, I don’t notice my differences, but when I do, it can be painful.

curator note: The difference I see in Bebi is what makes her such an extraordinary artist. If it causes Bebi pain, she is able to use that to help understand and relate to her subject matter and paintings  affording her audience an emotion filled experience.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jesse Kerr

The Gallery at The Brooks takes great pride in exhibiting the works of Jesse Kerr. Jesse Kerr is a San Diego artist trained and traveled in Los Angeles and Berlin. He currently teaches art at the renowned Lux in Encinitas, CA.
Reception for Jesse Kerr is during the first Friday Art Walk, Friday March 4, 5-8pm. 217 N. Pacific Coast Hwy., Oceanside.

Jesse Kerr

Rooted in San Diego, California. Currently living and working in Encinitas, Ca. I've also lived and worked in Los Angeles and Berlin, Germany.  Drawing is my foundation. I love to draw, always have, and always will. Through drawing and painting, my artwork explores relationships and tension points I see in our modern environment; such as my own connection and simultaneous disconnection to nature, humans & nature, money vs. nature, as well as observations of man-made environments, technology, and culture, in relation to the natural world. 
Art Center College of Design Pasadena, California; B.F.A. Illustration 2006

Lux Art 

Berlin Exhibits