The Gallery at The Brooks

The Gallery at The Brooks
Oceanside Theatre Company

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen....

In April, The Oceanside Theatre Company is proud to present the production of Elephant Man. In conjunction with this production will be the featured art work of Lisa Bebi.  Bebi has been our go to artist during productions. She has previously been able to take our stage performances and invest in them 2 dimensional qualities of character and imagination that have enhanced and imbued even greater development and interpretation. She certainly did not fail us with Elephant Man.

Once again, Bebi has taken a story idea and intertwined it with her own whimsical, mischievous and dare I say psychological twists. She has humanized and interpreted Elephant Man as only Lisa Bebi can, and we are thrilled with the results.

Bebi's opening reception will be held during Oceanside's First Friday Art Walk on Friday April 1, from 5-8pm. Come meet and discuss the work with the artist herself. Her work will be on view during all Elephant Man performances, April 8-24, for schedules and ticketing please go to:

About the Artist
My painting is like Jazz fusion. Not so much for my brushstroke work but because of the complex layers of seemingly unrelated , seemingly incidentals,  that somehow come together to bring cohesion to my work. My brushstrokes are speedy looking but I think my detail is described more in the subject matter rather than by way of tight brushstrokes, sort of reflecting the fast pace of jazz and its many layers.
I draw most of my inspiration from early American contemporary artists. I like the novelty of the pop culture and the way artists of their time expanded their basic ideas, one on top of the other…expanding what-ifs into art. I also like the complex, colorful and wonderfully lyrical abstracts of Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky set out and perfected painting musically so that the viewer could actually hear his paintings.
The hardest part of being an artist is trying to relate to the real world. I know my passion makes me a different person; sometimes I would just like to blend in. Mots of the time, I don’t notice my differences, but when I do, it can be painful.

curator note: The difference I see in Bebi is what makes her such an extraordinary artist. If it causes Bebi pain, she is able to use that to help understand and relate to her subject matter and paintings  affording her audience an emotion filled experience.