The Gallery at The Brooks

The Gallery at The Brooks
Oceanside Theatre Company

Thursday, November 13, 2014

In the Gallery November 2014

Currently on exhibit in The Gallery at The Brooks are works by Ellen Dieter, Julia C R Gray, Diana Carey and Lisa Bebi. A special mask exhibit features artists, Donna Butnik, Mary Fleener and Diana Carey. For more information on the artists and the works, to view or to purchase paintings or sculptures,  please contact the gallery for an appointment.
 Ellen Dieter
Life Playing Into Existence, 45x45", mixed media
S.C. Baja Norte exhibit 2014

 Ellen Dieter
Will and Ziggy, 36x48", soft pastel and graphite

Lisa Bebi
Fly Away, Stay, 6x4', mixed media 2014

Julia C R Gray
Body Memories,ceramic sculpture, 3.5' x 24", 4 piece, painting on interior
Diana Carey
doors triptych, 8x4.5', thrown paint on wood doors, 2008
Mary Fleener
Mask exhibit, comedy and tragedy,

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