The Gallery at The Brooks

The Gallery at The Brooks
Oceanside Theatre Company

Monday, June 1, 2015

artist Diana Carey

The Gallery at The Brooks is pleased to have on exhibit for the month of June, the thrown and splattered paintings of artist, Diana Carey
                    Jacaranda 4/ 24x24"  thrown and splattered paint on canvas  2015

Diana Carey's Tree Triptych is on semi permanent display in the lobby of The Sunshine Brooks Theatre. She is also our resident fine art curator. Come meet Diana and view her works during the Oceanside First Friday Art Walk, June 5 6-9pm in The Gallery at The Brooks. Yael and Vlad from Big Boss Bubeleh will be  performing in the lobby.

Life is not a straight line

Diana Carey’s paintings are painted with a gestural technique; throwing, splattering and dripping numerous layers of acrylic house paint onto prone canvas using brushes and sticks. The paintings subject matter varies from landscape to nests and tangles. The technique is abstract, the style, impressionism.

Many of the works are over eight feet. By virtue of size and technique the viewer is led into the tangled threads and splatters of paint to discover the substance and feel of the subject matter, the essence of the painted, formed amidst the perceived chaos of drips and splashes. A performance art visualized with impasto effect, one whose outcome is immediately recognized as being rendered with intent, without intention rendering technique. There is an element of unpredictability, due to the technique, which allows for the perceived chaos to coalesce into an image, with observation.

What may initially appear to be simple tosses of paint, is actually quite difficult. Numerous times paintings have been discarded because the work has not come together correctly to create the interpretational essence envisioned by the artist, which is the feel of the image, not a photographic representation, but the idea of the subject. The emotions invoked when one experiences that subject or environment, in a personal as well as universal manner, is what the artist strives to attain.