The Gallery at The Brooks

The Gallery at The Brooks
Oceanside Theatre Company

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lisa Bebi and Scott Gressitt

Lisa Bebi is our Featured Artist this December in, The Gallery at The Brooks.  With a Dickens Christmas theme, who but Bebi would be our go to artist at the Brooks Gallery?  Bebi’s  ability  to intertwine with a technical nod to history, the twists of a Dickens tale with her own whimsical, mischievous twists, makes for a delightful exhibit.   Bebi pulls the heart and soul of Dickens stories, and inserts them in a wild ride of creativity that only Bebi could manage. Remember Valentine’s Octopus Grandma, “text me”?  She  equally enchants us in this exhibit with," Belle and the Pirate". Keep in mind, Bebi is one of very few artists, that relinquishes her egos hold on her works. Once completed, she puts her  interpretations forward for the audience to interpret themselves, thus allowing the viewer complete freedom and completing the circuit of art.
If perhaps not classic Christmas, they are classic Bebi. We are excited and honored to have her back at, The Gallery at The Brooks.

About the Artist
My painting is like jazz fusion. Not so much for my brushstroke work but because of the complex layers of seemingly unrelated stuff that somehow tie together.  My brushstrokes are speedy looking but I think my detail is described more in the subject matter rather than by way of tight brushstrokes, sort of reflecting  the fast pace of jazz and its many layers.           
I draw most my inspiration from early American contemporary artists. I liked the novelty of the pop culture and the way artists of their time expanded their basic ideas, one on top of the other...expanding what-ifs in art. I also like the complex, colorful and wonderfully lyrical abstracts of Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky set out and perfected painting musically so that the viewer could actually hear his paintings.           
The hardest part of being an artist is trying to relate to the real world. I know my passion makes me a different person; sometimes I would just like to blend in.  Most of the time I don't notice my differences, but when I do, it can be painful.

Belle and the Pirate

Christmas Past

                                                                    "As Big as Me?"

Christmas Past

Introducing Heartisan
Scott Gressitt

Scott Gressitt is an artist and craftsman living and working in North County SD.
Gressitt designs and builds custom furniture, art furniture and fixtures. Using
tropical and exotic hardwoods from around the world he sculpts and carves his sensuous and evocative creations. Flying Hearts, Lips and Daggers, are whimsical and yet, due to the medium, hefty; a desirous combination for his subject matter. The Brooks Gallery welcomes Scott Gressitt.

                                                      1ftx3ft stained wood heart

December 4 Art Walk is from 6-9pm and will feature numerous galleries, carolers, food, music, lights and murals to paint. Please stop by the Brooks Gallery is located in the Sunshine Brooks Theatre at 217N Hwy 101 and Share in the art experience.